In order to get a better idea of what citizen science is and strives to do, I started reading some of the texts that MG had recommended. First of all, I went through the slides from a presentation by a certain Bruno J. Strasser. My notes (in Swedish) from going through that presentation can be found here. Next, I read an article by the same Strasser (with some co-authors) and realised that it contained a more thorough version of what was included in the presentation. Anyway, my notes from that reading can be found here.

In addition, reading that text also made me associate to an article by J├Ânson et al. (2021) that I had read recently (and written some notes to), so I formulated a mail (in Swedish) to HJ & SH about how I found that these two papers related to each other, in order to make it more clear to myself as well as initiate a dialogue with them.