I realised that it can be good to measure the experience of and attitudes towards digital technology, and then I remembered that we used some instruments like that in the project I was involved in at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH). After doing a bit of searching, I found some instruments about experience and one about attitudes from the following articles listed below. In the end, considering the importance of not making a too long survey, I decided not to include any questions on attitudes to technology but only to include the following questions in the survey.

  • Har du tillgång till internet i hemmet? (Ja; Nej)
  • Hur ofta under de senaste tre månaderna har du använt en smartphone eller surfplatta? (Dagligen; Flera gånger i veckan: Någon gång i veckan; Någon gång i månaden; Någon enstaka gång; Aldrig; Vet ej)
  • Hur kunnig anser du dig vara när det gäller användning av en smartphone eller surfplatta? (Inte alls kunnig, inte särskilt kunnig, ganska kunnig eller mycket kunnig)

I think these questions are most relevant as predictors for how the older people are able to handle the app. I think that habit and capacity also per definition says something about attitudes. That the proof is in the pudding, as the English say.