MG, OJ and I tried another way of working on the ethical application today. During 3.5 hours in the afternoon we took turns in editing different attachments of the ethical application. I had mistakenly put both the letters and informed consents (to the potential respondents) and the questionnaire in one single file and marked it as Attachment 6. However, OJ rightfully pointed out that the letters and informed consents should constitute a separate attachment, namely Attachment 5. Thus, during the afternoon we took turns in editing three attachments of the ethical application and when we were done for the day, the result looked like this:

MG explained that SI wanted to read through these documents at this stage and provide some overall feedback. I explained that I needed to focus on my other study during the upcoming days and that I could earliest start working on these documents again by Thursday next week (2021-03-25).

We decided that we will not schedule any meeting next week but that I will instead go through the documents and finish them as much as I can (starting with Attachment 5 and 6 and then move on to Attachment 1) and whenever I feel stuck, I will send the questions and comments I have by mail to MG (and OJ) and then she/they will reply (most likely) the same working day. Once, I feel that I cannot improve the documents any more, I will forward them to MG and OJ and then they will continue to work on them.