It turned out that it was technically difficult to design the digital survey with Sunet Survey, so we chose, after consulting with experts in the field at Lund University, to use the tool REDCap instead. However, this tool turned out to be easier to use, at least in my opinion. For support, I used LU’s own expert on REDCap, AJ, and YouTube videos.

Here is a link to the first draft of the digital survey which I sent to OJ, MG and SI for feedback. Please note that what appears on this page is only the consent you are asked to give. When you fill in the information there and press ‘Submit’, you get to the first survey. The follow-up survey then consists of a separate and personal link that one can receive only after completing the first survey. Thus, I sent personal links to OJ, MG and SI to the follow-up survey once they had completed the first.