Soon after receiving the happy message that our article was officially accepte for publication in IJERPH, Milan Stojanov at the IJERPH Editorial Officealso forwarded a mail from the founder and president of saying that:

In order to enhance your visibility as well as that of all of the co-authors, we would like to invite you to set up your profiles on SciProfiles, which allows us to add a link for each author to their permanent homepage in the paper’s final version.

How to create a profile on

I was told that I should create such a profile “within two days”, by clicking on this link. They also gave the following instructions when filling in one’s profile:

  1. Please add a photo to help colleagues identify you easily and enhance the visibility of your profile.
  1. Since this is your public profile that others will see, please add your publications and key projects. Your publication list can be easily prepared by filling in your ORCID.
  1. Please complete all sections of your profile in as much detail as possible, so that other researchers can find you.
  1. Please use the email address that is associated with your publications if possible.

Why create a profile on

The motivatation given was that…

[a]ll articles that you publish with MDPI will be linked to your SciProfiles page, where colleagues and peers will be able to see all of your publications, as well as your other academic contributions. Furthermore, SciProfiles will allow you to supplement your scientific profile with career milestones (affiliation changes, awards, etc.) and connections with other colleagues (similar research field, affiliation, etc.). Your NewsFeed will allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest and most cited recommended research articles.

I suppose I should set up such a profile then, but I will wait until tomorrow before doing that.