In the SWEAH course Theories of Ageing we were given the assignment to peer review each others assignments, first orally in a seminar and then shortly in written form. This is my peer review of WB’s assignment 2:

Two complementary theories (of ageing) are used to frame the study and its aim theoretically: Selective Optimization with Compensation (SOC) by Baltes and Baltes and the Bioecological model by Bronfenbrenner. Whilst the former has a focus on the individual and the internal processes that influence decision-making, the latter embraces contextual aspects and the impact of the environment. I find it a good choice to combine these two theories since they complement each other and I also think that you manage well to explain this. However, there is room for improvements when it comes to the terminology employed. First of all, it is not clear what you mean by a ‘substance’ in this context. I suppose that it refers to alcohol as well as all kinds of drugs, but this could advantageously be explained more clearly. Secondly, there is a need to elucidate for whom the substance use is ‘problematic’. Is it from the point-of-view of the substance user, or is it from the point-of-view of someone else? This is not clear to the reader. Ideally the PhD project as a whole would capture not just one perspective but several since this would make the account potentially richer. However, to what extent this is possible depends on the design of the indivudual studies and the project as a whole.