Today there was an online preparatory meeting through Zoom for the PhD students who had agreed on participating in the Panel Discussion on February 3rd. The meeting was hosted by KF who will also be the host of the actual event next week. During the hour-long meeting we intruduced ourselves to each other and KF informed us about the set-up of the panel discussion. So far, about 500 Master and Bachelor students (and Alumnis) have signed up for the event, she said; About 400 from Lund University and 100 from Malmö University.

Panel discussion set-up

The panel discussion will proceed in this way

Log in to Zoom: At latest 16.15

KF suggested that we meet online 20 minutes beforehand or at latest 16.15.

Introduction: 16.30 - 17.00

KF first gives a brief introduction to the event as such. After that, we, the doctoral students, get five minutes each to present ourselves with a focus on our research area. What we should definitely mention is which university we belong to and how far we have come in our doctoral studies. Whether we then focus on describing the research area in detail, or whether within the given time frame we also want to explain why we have chosen to do research in this particular area, is up to ourselves. If we wish, we can also include 1-2 slides that KF can share with the audience during our presentations.

Q&A: 17.00 - 18.00

This will be followed by a session in which KF will ask if her colleague and assistant during the event, Sofia, has received any questions from the audience and we (the PhD students) will be asked some of those questions by KF. We will not take rounds in answering the questions but rather one (or two) of us will answer one question and the others will answer another questions.

If there is a lack of questions, KF will draw questions from the list of questions that she has prepared (and sent us in a mail beforehand), namely the following:

  • How did you know that you wanted to pursue a PhD?
  • Challenges and benefits of doing a PhD?
  • After your PhD? Career inside/ outside academia?
  • Work-life balance?
  • Advice for Bachelor or Master student that are thinking about maybe pursuing a PhD; What advices would you have liked to get when you were in their shoes?

It felt really good to have this preparatory meeting. The other PhD students were really nice, and I will now - or rather as soon as I have time - start preparing for the actual event.