I took the initiative for a discussion with CM about structuring a research article based on data from the panel study because she is also in the process of doing so. It was mainly the methods section I had in mind, but CM also gave me some tips on how the results part can be structured.


In the method section, CM said that she made the following division:

  • As an overall heading: Materials and methods. Here the context is first described (alternatively under a separate ‘Study context’ heading perhaps?)
  • Then the subheading Participants and recruitment
  • Then the subheading Data collection procedure
  • Then the subheading Materials. Here is a description of how you have dichotimized your questions, so everything you have tinkered with when it comes to the questions should be described under this heading
  • Then the subheading Data analysis. Here, the analysis must be described in such a detailed way that someone will be able to repeat the analysis.
  • At the end of the method section is the heading Ethical considerations


CM begins its results section with the subheading Description of participants where the demographics and health of the study population are described as well as their previous experience of having been involved in research both in the usual way and so-called actively involved.