Today we had an online ‘UserAge retreat’. It was shortened and I missed having it “away from keyboard” as you say. There was too little mingling and too little chit-chat and the turntaking that these online meetings requires become a bit stiff and boring in the long run.

There are mainly three things that I brought with me from the meeting. The first thing is HJ’s idea of trying to systematize or categorize various ways of conducting research with user involvement by using the conceptual tool SAPO = Syfte; Aktör; Process; Omfattning. I thing that in particular the reason why one is using a certain kind of user involvement is of interest. It tends to be a bit forgotten is my impression when people are trying to cagegorize grades of user involvement.

The second thing is that in SI’s and SH’s presentation they used the term Aktörer utanför akademien instead of the regular users, and I found the former term much better, since the latter makes you wonder what is referred to is being used, and by whom. Knowledge? Well, then aren’t researchers also users in that case? Maybe I could use it as on overarching term when speaking of who I

Anyway, one last thing that I brought with me from the meeting was that SH explained that she had chosen to publish a paper in a journal called “Social Epistemology”. since, I am interested in philosophy, I will definitely look up that journal and see if there are any interesting ideas or theories that I can connect my research to in it.

By the way, I also took some notes, but they are in Swedish and not so tidy and well-structured.