Final version of Infoletter about Study III

After feedback from the handful of representatives from the target group I used and occasional comments from MG, OJ and SI, I have now produced a final version of the information letter that is intended to go out from the associations to their members at the beginning of next week. This is how it turned out. Next week I will find out what the reminders to be sent out should look like.

Feedback on Infoletter from Target Group

Just over a week ago, I sent the proposed information letter for study III (which is intended to go out to association members and which I have produced in dialogue with MG, OJ and SI) to a handful of selected people from the target group. The proposed mail text looked initially like this and after some feedback like this. After correspondence both via email and by telephone, the feedback I received can be summarized as follows:

Got Manuscript Back From SI

Today I got the manuscript back from SI with some feedback. She also sent me a guide on how to write an academic discussion: SI’s feedback in a personal mail and in a commented manuscript SI’s guide on how to write a discussion