Revised Study III manuscript and cover letter

I updated the Study III manuscript (including cover letter and figure files) based on the comments from OJ and SI and sent i to all the co-authors. Here are the revised files: Cover letter with comments from reviewers + answers from us The revised manuscript Figures as separate files: Fig 1. + Fig 2. PLOS One Manuscript Guidelines

Supervision and comments on Study IV manuscript

Today I had supervision and it was mainly a discussion of the manuscript of my last study and thus I wrote the minutes as comments in that manuscript and they can be found here. Afterwards OJ also sent me his comments on the manuscript which can be found here.

Updated intro and theory in manuscript

After reading, summarizing and structuring the 40-50 articles about citizen science that I had found, I rewrote the introduction and theory part of study IV and the new version can be found here.

Revised manuscript commented by OJ and SI

I had created a cover letter and a revised manuscript as well as some tables (S1 Table + S4 Table) and figures (S2 Figure + S3 Figure) that I sent to my supervisors for comments and I got the following feedback from them: Revised manuscript with feedback from supervisors Cover letter

Processing the Generated Literature Searches Further

In December last year I did some literature searches for Study IV, but I have not prioritized to process the lists of articles I then found any further. Here is an attempt of doing so. SCOPUS I started out searching in SCOPUS database. I noticed that for the 76 articles I received there for this search, frequent keywords were “Participatory research” and “Built environment” so I added thes words to the search.