Initial literature searches for study IV

Background In the latest meating with the co-authors of the planned study IV article, an updated literature search was suggested as a means to assure that I don’t miss out on some essential articles in the field, as well as a means to get to know which journal to aim for. An efficient and recommended way of doing that was through creating adequate search strings and conduct systematic searches in various relevant databases.


Today I had supervision and here is the protocol. We mainly discussed the revision of the ISP. I had sent out [a draft]() before and my supervisors had read and commented on it. Afterwards OJ and SI also sent me their feedback in written form whilst RL just provided me oral feedback during the supervision. The comments I received during the supervision can be summarized as: Kappa and portfolio, more important than ISP.

Information about Study III on CASE:s website

In recent months, I have been working on formulating information about study III that is presented on CASE’s website, which we refer to when we want potential participants to give their consent to participate in the study. Here are the different versions of the text that have been commented on by OJ and SI in different rounds up to the version that can be found on the website today: 2021-06-23 - My initial draft 2021-06-29 - OJ’s comments on this draft 2021-08-04 - My revised proposal for website text 2021-08-05 - OJ’s comments on this draft 2021-08-05 - SI’s comments on this text 2021-08-06 - My revisions after OJ’s & SI’s comments 2021-08-11 - Version emailed to DL for publication on the website 2021-08-19 - Minor adjustments, emailed to DL for publication on the website